Meeting notes for 22nd January

Today’s meeting was a great overview of what we’ve accomplished as a group in the past year but also what we’re going to be doing in the next year. 

Our next meeting (29th January) will feature DNA training, focusing on what XR is, who we are and what that means for us as a local group. 

The meeting after that (5th February) will be a working group meeting so get ready with those big ideas. 

Red rebels huddle at the stop HS2 save the trees action.


  • The next youth strike will be Friday 14th Feb at 11am at the Anti slavery arch in Paganhill. Let’s do all we can to support the youth strikers.
  • The next extinction speaker training will be on Sunday 16th Feb at the co-housing in Stroud.
  • DNA training will be available in next weeks meeting, but there will be an additional session of this on Sunday 9th February.
  • One of our crew attended a map jam meeting last week. This is a project to map all the low carbon initiatives in the Stroud District. You can view this at If you have an initiative which is about making Stroud more carbon neutral you can enter your details of your project there and that will help us network more effectively across Stroud.
  • Stop HS2! Does anyone want to make another trip to the HS2 camp? Everyone that’s there needs more people to step up and help the camps. Are you interested? Please contact us with offers of help.
  • Shout out to Sally who was the sole red rebel from Stroud able to go to stop HS2. In our meeting she gave an account on what her experience was like. It seemed like the rebels arrived at HS2 just in time to diffuse the situation as they were about to dismantle the camp the following day. 
  • Don’t forget there is an XR coordinators meeting every Monday 6:30pm at the Beacon in Stroud if anyone would like to attend.

Protect our right to roam!

WARNING – the new Government is attempting to criminalise trespass and crack down on our Right to Roam the land! This new increase in police powers is an attack on our civil rights and serves only the interests of rich landowners. The law change will be a risk to protesters like our anti-HS2 Tree Protectors, as well as the homeless, gypsies, Roma and travellers – they will have nowhere to go. Read more here.

The Gov has launched a consultation full of TRICK QUESTIONS that are often traps whether you put agree or disagree, so pick neither unless you analyse the question carefully – take Monbiot’s advice and counter all of them with “We reject all attempts to criminalise trespass” in the boxes of the survey here.

Pass this message on to your fellow protestors, Rebels, squatters and more – let’s protect our Right to Roam the land and our fellow people who need a home!

Last weeks meeting

We also heard feedback on last weeks meeting. The summary of what we agreed as a group is on last weeks meeting notes. Our four main ideas have been sent off to XR national. 

XR southwest presentation

We watched a presentation of how the XR Southwest organisation is going, and how crew members in Stroud have stepped up to help coordinate Gloucestershire XR.

The idea being for us to be able to support our groups in Gloucestershire better so we can be called to help our other local groups with any actions around Gloucestershire (and anywhere else!).

Regenerative cycle

The regenerative cycle infographic
Click to see a larger version

Lastly we explored the regenerative cycle, looking around the areas of the room allocated to each area of the cycle and deciding where we all placed ourselves in the circle. We then wrote a summary of what it was like to exist in these circles. 

It feels like we’re finding our feet as a group post rebellion now, hope to see you soon.