How to help us

It’s not just about rebellion. If you’re unable to join actions at the moment, that’s OK. There’s still tons you can do to help Extinction Rebellion Stroud!

Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

Make a donation to XR Stroud

Like everything in this world, we need money to operate. We use this money to hire spaces, buy equipment and keep Extinction Rebellion Stroud functional.

Donate your time to working groups

Here are the working groups we have. Have a think about which group you could offer your support to.

Wellbeing and welfare at actions

  • This is the care for and heartful underpinning of rebels, which involves taking care of those on actions and afterwards
  • Regenerative culture (so we can keep our activism going long-term)
  • Practical welfare on actions (before, during and after)

Tasks / jobs / roles

  • Bringing heartfulness into actions
  • Organising welfare kits and rota on actions
  • Supporting rebels’ wellbeing – at actions, at home and going forward

Direct actions and organising actions


  • Develop flexible popup, flashmob-style actions
  • Organise a flagship NVDA at the rebellion
  • Set up and organise affinity groups
  • Support XR Youth with their NVDAs

Legal observer (LO) and post-arrest support

  • Being a legal observer at actions (training available)
  • Keeping activists safe, and providing post-arrest support

Tasks / Jobs / Roles

  • Supporting and developing the LO team (Stroud)
  • Setting up LO training for others
  • Being at actions as an LO
  • Tying in with national LO team regarding actions


  • Activating people to get involved in XR and the rebellions in London and beyond
  • Momentum-building
  • Finding and reaching new members

Tasks / Jobs / Roles

  • Leafleting
  • ‘Heading for Extinction’ talks
  • Inductions for new folk
  • Intro sessions at The Beacon (the activist shop at Kendrick Street, Stroud).

Communications (Comms) and Media

  • All external communications, including creation of various assets that communicate our message
  • Press liaison, website development, press releases, leaflet development etc.

Tasks / jobs / roles

  • Getting the XR message right
  • Live streaming actions
  • Momentum-building
  • Website updates and social media
  • Leaflet creation
  • Photography

Logistics and Art

  • Sorting out and sourcing supplies for Stroud and the wider Gloucestershire group at the rebellion
  • Setting up ‘Gloucestershire’ camps at actions in London

Tasks / Jobs / Roles

  • Phone trees for actions, affinity groups etc.
  • Setting up communications between Stroud rebels during the rebellion so that everyone can stay connected
  • Organising and sorting equipment needed for the rebellion
  • Organising/coordinating accommodation and travel

Finance and Fundraising

  • Looking after the XR Stroud kitty
  • Supporting fundraising initiatives

Tasks / Jobs / Roles

  • Setting up donations, e.g. online crowdfunding
  • Keeping track of, and being the lead contact for, initiatives

Training and Organising

  • Setting up and organising training events
  • Receiving your own regular training so you can train others

Tasks / JOBS / ROLES

  • Setting up a schedule of training
  • Organising venues and Facebook events for training
  • Helping to organise training events
  • Liaising with other groups across Gloucestershire

Join an action

Our protest work is planned and discussed in our meetings. There is training available for the key skills you’ll need to protest in line with our mission statement. This helps you to peacefully protest while staying safe. The best way to find out about this is to attend a meeting.

Share your skills and time

If you have any skills you feel could be put to use, we’d appreciate any time you could set aside for Extinction Rebellion Stroud. Please contact us to find out how you can help, and we’ll put you in touch with the right group.