Join us at next weeks meeting

Join us at Wednesdays meeting

There’s lot in the news this week about how our government isn’t doing enough to prevent climate breakdown. In upsetting times like this, I find myself with two options: 1) to despair 2) to see what more I can do to support Extinction Rebellion and Stop Ecocide. 

Now is a great time to come back to our meetings – we’re meeting this Wednesday (and every Wednesday) in Stratford Park bandstand at 6:30pm for a friendly, social meeting. Please join us and help us in our work we’d be very happy to see you.

Weekend rebellion in London starting tomorrow

Here’s some information on the Free the press uprising weekend happening in London tomorrow. There are many of us from Stroud travelling down, please get in touch if you’d like to join us.

Can you help with rebel ringing, outreach or XR social planning?

We’re planning on discussing these and other actions and support activities in our next meeting so please do come along if you could spare any time to help with these, or any other roles, or actions ideas you have.

Are you ready for Cornwall?

Lots of people pretending to be corpses lie under white sheets on Parliament green

There’s less than a week to go until the Cornwall G7 drowning in promises rebellion. Hope you’re ready to join us there. Check out our rebellion guide for schedule and plans and contact us if you need someone to travel with or if you need to know anymore. 

Bring and share meal for Wednesdays meeting

Wednesdays meeting will start at 6:30pm at will be at the Stratford Park bandstand. To celebrate us meeting again let’s have a bring and share meal. Let everyone know and remind and invite people you haven’t seen in a while. There will be an open mic during the meal if anyone would like to play some music. Here’s how to find us.

Can you help with placing banners?

This is a good way to help with G7 if you’re unable to travel or want something to do right away. Help is needed by Val to make and place banners around the local area, so please get in touch if you can help. We’ll be hanging banners in key road locations ready for G7 on Thursday 10 June (in the morning). Please contact me or reach out to Val if you can help.

Lighting the local beacons

Can you help with lighting the local beacons in Gloucestershire on the eve of G7? (10 June). It’s another great thing to do if you’re not travelling to Cornwall. Take a look at this beacons of hope document if you’re interested in getting involved

Can you help XR doctors in Cornwall?

DoctorsXR are going to be staging a mock inquest at G7 to identify the cause of global pandemics – corpse actors and health care professionals needed. Corpses will be covered in white sheets as in the banner image above. Join this Whatsapp group if you’re interested in taking part in this powerful action.

Get rebellion ready with XR training

Every rebel attending any rebellion should have their know your rights, deescalation and NVDA training as a minimum before attending actions (even if you don’t plan on getting arrested). Be safe and help others. There’s a list of online training that you can do with XR Bristol on their website (press the sign up links to see the latest dates).

Upcoming events – save the date

📣 7pm 17 June – Roger Hallam is in Stroud to give his reasons to be cheerful despite climate change talk. Book in-person tickets here

🎨 27 June – Paint the streets is coming again. This involves flyposting and putting up posters and leaflets about XR. This paint the streets action is aimed at the free the press action on 27 June in London. However if you’d like to be involved in local flyposting or helping in general on this date please contact me or reach out to Senan. There’s this info doc if you’d like to know more about paint the streets

🚶‍♀️26 June – HS2 rebellion walking the Truthtrail. Rebels will be walking from Birmingham along the planned route for HS2 in the North. If anyone wants to do that get in touch or reach out to Val.

🧘‍♀️ August – the second phase – of rebellion of one is coming…

That’s all for now, hope to see you in Cornwall,