Upcoming action planning & 2040 film

It was wonderful to see you at last nights meeting. If you weren’t able to make it we’d love to see you on Zoom. Here’s how to come to next weeks meeting.

Come back for our awakening

It’s a ~perfect~ time to come back to XR Stroud too because we’re starting planning for the upcoming local rebellion at the end of August culminating in a UK-wide action starting Sept 1st in London, Cardiff and Manchester. We need you to make our local actions in and around Stroud as good as they can be. We can’t let things slide back to business as usual. We need a considerate, sustainable future that works for all of us and not for some of us.

Need some positive inspiration?

There’s still about a day left to register for the remote showing of 2040, an inspirational sustainability film. Please register on Eventbrite here, and you’ll be sent a link to the film to watch from your home on Friday 24. Following the film screening you’ll be sent a link to a Zoom Q&A panel featuring the following amazing guests:

Gail Bradbrook – Extinction Rebellion
Jojo Mehta
Sarah Lennon – Extinction Rebellion

That’s it for now, hope you see you soon.

Attend our weekly meetings on Zoom

Weekly XR Stroud meetings on Zoom Wednesday 6:30pm

We can’t wait to meet again as a big group in person, but until then we’re having meetings on Zoom every Wednesday starting at 6:30pm.

Just open this link to get started.

Please contact us if you need any support getting started on Zoom. There are lots of exciting actions coming up, but we need your ideas and your support to make them happen.

We’ll post details here when we are ready to start up meetings in person again, watch this space!

Meeting notes – March 13th

Youth rebellion 28th & 29th March, Bristol City Centre.

Here are the announcements for this week. Some events have been postponed this week due to Covid-19 (including our main rebellion in May, and Nailsworth Earth Day)

Please check our website for regular event information and latest news on meetings. We shall endure!

Sunday 15th March – HS2 Stand for the trees/save our woodland walk

This will include Chris Packham, Gail Bradbrook and other speakers. Walk from Abbey Fields near Kenilworth to one of the Stop HS2 camps at Crackley. Contact Val 07817830990 to join. Even if you’re unable to make it today visits to HS2 camps are happening most weeks. 

Tuesday 17th March – Heading For Extinction talk

All are welcome to this FREE XR presentation covering what the science is recording and what this means for our climate and ecology, and what we can do about this. At the Imperial Hotel, Stroud 7 to 9pm. Please share this Facebook event too if you are able.

Saturday 21st March – at 11:30am. A short introduction to XR for beginners! 

Anyone interested in running these welcoming sessions to new peeps, welcome to come and join the fun.

Thursday 26 March Non-Violent Direct Action training (NVDA) at The Old Convent 6pm

This is essential training for anyone wishing to take parti= in extinction Rebellion actions. It will provide you information on what actions involve, what your rights are and advice and support for if you get arrested. Contact training@xrstroud.org for more details.

Sunday 29th March Nailsworth Heading For Extinction talk at the Mortimer rooms

All welcome to this FREE XR presentation covering what the science is recording and what this means for our climate and ecology, and what we can do about this! Please contact us for more information.

28/29 March – Bristol earthday/weekend

Lots of activities and some spiky actions planned Come and support.  

28 or 29 March (tbc) – Extinction Rebellion Southwest De-escalation train-the-trainer session in Exeter.  

Are you interested in learning to deliver high level de-escalation, from one-to-one to larger groups/crowds, including confrontational and ‘lively’ situations using Non-violent communication skills. Contact training@xrstroud.org for further details.  

20/26 April – Stroud Earth Week at The Sub-rooms

Landwise network are coordinating a week of events and activities based around Earth Day which is 22nd April. The weekend will be especially lively, with a range of activities, music, etc. XR is planning to have a presence – and looking for ideas, people willing to participate. Please contact us for more information. https://xrstroud.org/contact-us/

Meeting notes – 4th March

A white board asking where people are at with climate change, with lots of stickers in the bottom, very worried box.

It’s almost Spring (even though it doesn’t feel like it). Our group is awakening and there’s a lot coming up.

A big welcome to our new members from our Stroud Farmers market event. Here’s some information on how to find us if you’d like to come along to one of our meetings.

Can you help XR Stroud’s mass mobilization work?

We have an urgent need for someone to volunteer some time to help inform XR national about our groups new membership drive. This would include writing a summary of the actions we have coming up, numbers coming to meetings, and outreach events planned/completed. This would be a perfect role for someone that wants to help XR Stroud, but can’t always attend meetings. Please contact us if you’re interested.

Training and talks by Stroud XR

NVDA Train the Trainers – Sunday 15th March 2pm to 6pm venue to be confirmed. Please save the date, or see Facebook event nearer the time for final details. This training starts to set people up to begin training in their local groups – need to attend an NVDA as support trainer. Contact training@xrstroud.org for all training places and details.

XR Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) training, Thursday 26th March from 6pm to 9:30pm in Stroud (venue also to be confirmed). See Facebook event nearer the date to book places. This training will include an introduction to XR/NVDA to help inform, empower and motivate people to become active in XR. This includes what, why, and how, non-violent direct action information, de-escalation, legal basics, self-care and regenerative culture.

Heading 4 Extinction – Speaker Training – Sunday 5th April, 1pm to 4pm at Courtyard Rooms, Stroud. Training covers the details for giving the XR H4E ‘Talk’ using the slides and notes, and public speaking skills, in order to build confidence and knowledge to present the talk.

De-escalation session, including how to talk with members of the public about Climate and Ecological Emergency, using Non-Violent Communication approach. This will be held next week at our next XR Stroud meeting. There will also be a workshop on 11th March. The weekly meeting runs from 7pm to 9:30pm with food from 6:30 at The Beacon, Kendrick Street, Stroud. Here’s how to find us.

Induction Training – running an ‘Introduction to XR‘ session for members of the public.. this is a 90 minute workshop, often run ‘on the street’ to introduce XR, the reasons, methods and Principles and Values that have made XR the most successful movement raising public awareness of the climate change emergency we are facing. This will be at 11:30am at the Beacon in Stroud on Saturday 21st March.

Can you help with these action announcements?

Volunteers needed for the Market stall for outreach on 14th March from 9am for deescalation training at the Beacon. This next stall will be held at Merrywalks. We still need volunteers for the rota to speak to the public and start conversations with people about climate breakdown. Please contact us if you can help.

There will be some XR-led Cheltenham street event this Sunday 8th March 1pm to 3pm near Barclays. It will be a fun Cheltenham cup themed event aimed at raising awareness of the betting odds of climate breakdown. All ideas and help are welcome for this action. Does anyone have a bowler hat that our rebels in Cheltenham could borrow? Please contact me.

In the lead-up to COP 26 a group of rebels are walking from Spain to Glasgow, to raise awareness of climate breakdown. They’ll be going through Stroud and Gloucester during their mammoth journey in October/November time. They’re asking for support with accommodation, can you spare a bed or room for these rebels? This awareness event is in the early stages of planning, so please get in touch to help this event happen.

The rebel ringers are ramping up. These are volunteer campaigners who telephone rebels on our databases to try and encourage more people to attend actions. If you’re keen to help XR Stroud but can’t always make a meeting we would welcome any time that you can spare to volunteer by calling fellow rebels. Training will be provided, so please get in touch.

Anyone interested in helping with international actions? There are lots of international actions coming up 13th April Madrid, 8th May Barcelona and of course our very own 23rd May in London.  Want to reach out to others internationally? Get in touch

Better safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults

A concern has been raised about the safeguarding of young people within XR. For example how our actions can potentially increase stress and anxiety for young people by having key action events during term times and during exam periods.

We explored whether or not we could create a safeguarding policy, to help us think about how we could help with issues like this.

There’s more information to come on this, but if you feel like you could do with some wellbeing support, or if you need some extra advice for avoiding burnout, I found this XR wellbeing guide called don’t panic really useful.

Debrief of market stall event

We completed our meeting with a debriefing of the market stall event held last weekend. For those who weren’t able to attend. We used a sticker board to engage with members of the public in Stroud, asking people to place a sticker on a board to gauge how they felt about climate breakdown. 

Those that attended felt that it was a great way to engage with people, we discussed some ideas to improve and you can observe the results of our conversation starter as the top of this email.

Meeting notes – 28th February

We had a snug meeting at the Beacon this week as it was much warmer than our last meeting. Here are this weeks announcements and events.

Incinerator action at Bristol court

Community R4C is back in court in Bristol from Monday 2nd – Wednesday 4th March. They are challenging the legality of the award, in 2016, of a new, revised £650 million contract for the incinerator, without any competitive tender, despite the 30% increase in cost to Gloucestershire ratepayers. Our High Court case contends that this secret decision, made without full Council scrutiny partly because of the personal, secret intervention of the GCC Chief Executive, was in breach of procurement law.

Get there in time for a 9.30am start:
Monday 2nd March
Bristol Civil and Family Court
2 Redcliff Street

Keep supporting actions against HS2!

In the last week, HS2 Ltd have been stepping up their work in the ancient woodlands around Kenilworth, with action being taken to prevent birds from nesting, which we see as a clear indication that they intend to start felling ancient woodland soon.

On Monday 24th February, HS2 Ltd will be closing Cryfield Grange Road where Camp Crackley is located at one end from 9.30 am to 3.30pm for a week, to extend road access to their compound. We do not see how they can do this without cutting down trees in a designated ancient woodland. It is also the case that they are fencing off another ancient woodland nearby, Broadwells Wood.

While there has been a camp in Crackley Woods since October, it lacks resilience to withstand an eviction, and there is currently no protection for Broadwells Wood at all.

Please come and help in whatever way you can.


South West Outreach and Actions – Support and Training Event – Opportunity for someone from XR Stroud to attend! This is being held at the Bristol Malcolm X Centre 29th Feb 10am to 6pm. Also same event will be repeated in Llandrindod Wells Sunday 1st 10am to 6pm. Venue for this second event to to be confirmed. Lift available from Stroud available. Please contact us for more information.

Stroud Red Rebels training workshop is scheduled for Wednesday March 11th in Stroud. If people are interested they can find out more by joining the Stroud Red Rebel Brigade Facebook group or contact Rebecca. The training will be 6:30pm to 9pm and booking is essential as placed are limited.

We are preparing for a Saturday street stall in Stroud Farmers market. Flyers being printed for this and there’s a briefing at the beacon at 9 am on Saturday for those who are interested in taking part. More volunteers are needed, please contact us if you are able to help.

Nailsworth Earth Day on 28th March is fast approaching. Volunteers are needed to help talk to the public and with handing out leaflets. Please contact us if you can help.

Samantha is offering a free Workshop for XR members on Sunday 1st March 10am to 2.30pm in Nailsworth. Using a mix of MBTI, NLP and applied neuroscience, she will be looking at how to appreciate our individual differences, understand our own communication styles and develop rapport. The aim is to foster greater connection and mutual understanding both within XR groups and with the wider public with whom we are hoping to engage. If you are interested and would like to apply for a free place please contact us for more information.

Greta Thunberg is coming to Bristol on Friday (as you’ve no doubt heard by now). Please meet at College Green in Bristol for 11am. If you are playing in XR Stroud Samba we’ve been asked to arrive for 9:30 for a rehearsal with Bristol Samba.

From Monday 2nd March at the beacon they will be exploring action on plastics, recycling rubbish and the incinerator. This kicks off with an exhibition of photos by John Playfoot called Hungry for truth. This is a photographic exhibition about one man’s protest against the Javelin Park incinerator using a hunger strike. The exhibition opens on 2 March 7 to 9 pm, and will continue to be open until the 27th March.

Save the date – Sunday 15th March is the NVDA (Non Violent Direct Action Training) train the trainers event if anyone is interested in learning how to train others on this topic please contact us.

Working groups

We completed the meeting by breaking out into our working groups to discuss actions. Due to the nature of talking about actions you will need to attend meetings to know more about the latest on:

  • Fossil fuel divestment
  • Outreach and membership
  • Nailsworth earth day