we need you for upcoming actions

Javelin park insanerator over our dead bodies

Here are some messages on upcoming actions from XR Gloucestershire:

Friday 30 October – Over our dead bodies insanerator actions

Extinction Rebellion Gloucestershire are working with the local group Community R4C to continue to build pressure close the incinerator and return millions of £s to our county council so they can create a Waste policy that will help us in the race towards net zero carbon rather than pumping pollutants into the atmosphere.

Action is at Shire Hall, Gloucester, and ideally rebels would need to be there from 8:30am to finish by 10:30. Covid precautions aware lifts can be provided from Stroud area to Gloucester and back.

The plan is to have a “die in”, themed “over our dead bodies”, to jar councillors attending a specific key Audit Committee meeting, to ensure the issue of stopping Javelin Park and getting a better alternative is at the top of their agenda.

We are working to have a “rubbish” monster (modelled on the idea of Chinese Dragons) to create a dramatic presence and also need at least three people to be the “bodies” that councillors have to step over to get into the meeting.  
To do your bit & play your part, contact xrgloscoords@protonmail.com​​ for more information.

Stroud Wednesday meetings are back on zoom at 6:45pm

Sadly, we can’t easily meet in person still but some of us are meeting on Wednesdays at 6:45 to check-in, share information from other parts of XR and plan actions.

Join us using these details:
password = reset

CEE bill tea parties on Fridays

If you fancy a meet up in person, then come along to the CEE Bill Tea Party 12 to 2pm, 3 King St (next to Poundland), Stroud to promote the bill and chat to real people!

Save the dates

Friday 27 November – Final Friday Film and Q&A night, watch “The Need to Grow”. Also share with a panel and post film group discussion.

Monday 9 November – On the day that would have been COP26, watch this space.

Weekly zoom meetings & upcoming actions

Welcome back to weekly xr stroud meetings on zoom on Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Hope you are as well as you can be. I’ve recovered from surgery for endometriosis, so I’m back and here to help if you need anything.

Join our weekly Wednesday Zoom meetings

Just wanted to let you know that XR Stroud meetings are starting up again on Zoom on Wednesdays at 6:30pm (yes that’s tomorrow). Here are the details to get your zoom call started:

Password = Reset

Upcoming actions & save the date

There are lots of exciting (and safe, socially distanced) actions coming up in the Stroud and Gloucestershire area, so please do join us for the meeting to help us plan what we can do to help keep the climate emergency at the top of people’s minds.

These include things like the weekly outdoor climate tea parties, next steps on the incinerator and… save the date for what would have been COP26 on November 9.

I don’t have all the exciting details for what’s coming up next, so you really will need to dial in tomorrow to find out more.

Need help with Zoom?

If you need any help with getting started, there are plenty of helpful videos on how to use Zoom on this page.

What to do post rebellion

Hope you’re all as well as you can be. I’ve got a quick update on two things that you can do if want to help keep the XR fire going.

Post rebellion local planning – tomorrow

XR glos action planning banner

There will be a zoom planning meeting for upcoming XR Glos actions happening tomorrow Monday 28 September at 7pm to 9pm.

This will be to share ideas for XR Glos wide actions, including Stroud.

You can access this meeting on zoom here.

HS2 rebellion support our tree defenders protecting ancient woodland

Stroudies stand with Stop HS2 next week

There are a group South West XR crew (including Stroud) going to the Crackley Woods camp to support the HS2 rebellion from 3 to 6 October. The camping site is well-established and has a kitchen and long drop loos. We’ll be going to offer support to the tree protectors and there will be training, workshops and action planning activities too.

If you’ve been meaning to go to HS2 but haven’t got around to it this would be a good time to go. You can find out more information on the planning document here, or on this Facebook event.

Help needed tomorrow and useful rebellion links

Get rebellion ready 28 Aug to 5 Sept

This will likely be my last newsletter before the rebellion starts. I hope you are as well as you can be. I hope you know that anything that you can offer during the rebellion is appreciated, be it being there in person, supporting wellbeing from Stroud, or rebelling remotely, we are sincerely grateful for your time and energy.

Here is the latest info for local and national rebellion in Cardiff.

View Stroud rebellion guide

Banner drop help needed urgently

Our local Rebellion starts tomorrow Friday 28 Aug with Banner Drops on M5 motorway bridges. We need Rebels who can sit with these banners on a couple of quiet roads at Stonehouse to mind the banners during the day (couple of hours shifts, with another rebel.. come in a pair.

Please contact me if you can join in this one. This is part of the National Banner Drop Action to highlight the Rebellion and the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill, which is the focus in this rebellion!

Observing arrests video

The final decision over whether you are arrested is taken not by you but by the police.

It is essential for every rebel engaging in NVDA to learn what to do when witnessing an arrest in order to safeguard the rights and the wellbeing of the person being arrested.

Please take 15 minutes today to watch this video.

(password is ProsecutePolluters)

Key telegram links

I will continue to update the rebellion guide with all the latest information as I get it, but for those of you with Telegram, here are the key links to click on and join.

If any of these telegrams get too much, remember you can mute each channel for a period of time rather than remove them.

Fossil fuel divestment petition

Here is a petition that would be good for you to sign re: Gloucestershire County Council still investing in fossil fuels, please share. And I look forward seeing those of you at tomorrow’s fossil fuel action. Here’s the link to the event if you need it.

Are you a London rebel?

If you are interested in going straight to London next week, please contact me and I’ll try to put you in touch with the right affinity group.

Nurturing practices

Sally has asked me to send you some key dates for all the nurturing circles between Sept 1 and Sept 13, you can see them all here. A nice thing to do if you’re going to be based in Stroud this rebellion.

NURTURING PRACTICES for all living beings and the earth itself

Illustration of people holding hands in a circle.

1st – 13th September

Please bring something to lie & sit on if weather is dry, if wet wear suitable clothing and maybe bring an umbrella.

Please arrive by food, bicycle, but or life share to lesson our carbon footprint.

Please bring anything you would like to share e.g. reading, poem, song meditative practice, musical instrument or singing bowl.

1st Tuesday HOLCOMBE BARN, near Edge. Sunset and nearly full moon. Please

7.30 pm e mail if you wish to join in as there is only room for 4 people.

3rd Thursday Meet at top of Leisure Centre car park below the childrens’ play area.

11.30am Earth Dances will interweave our practises.

4th Friday NOON Meet Nailsworth Playing Field.

5th Saturday 7 PM. Meet Whiteshill Playing Field outside Community Shop.

6th Sunday Meet Whiteshill Playing Field outside Community Shop to then walk

2.30pm approximately half a mile to practise near Kitesnest Farm.

7th Monday Meet at top of Leisure Centre car park below the childrens’ play area.

2pm Earth Dances will interweave our practices.

8th Tuesday Meet at Bus Stop and turning area at the top of Randwick by Standish

10am Woods to then walk approximately a quarter of a mile to practice site in

a clearing.

10th Thursday Sunrise at Rudge Common near Scottsquar Quarry on road between

6.30am Edge church and Whiteshill to practise around 50 year old oak tree.

11th Friday 2 PM. Meet Nailsworth Playing Field.

13th Sunday HOLCOMBE BARN 10am, near Edge. Please email if you wish to join in as there is only room for 4 people.