Rebellion, wellbeing and other action info

Firstly, love to everyone heading to London for the impossible rebellion. Some information to help you follows, but even if you’re not going to London we have some actions and info for those of you staying at home.

London rebellion info

All of the information you need for next week is in this XR Glos rebellion guide. If you need any wellbeing support, you can find out about all our resources on our wellbeing group link. If you have any issues accessing this link (as I did initially, please contact me).

If you like to join the signal group for Stroudies other XR Gloucestershire rebels going to London. Please let me know your phone number so I can get you added.

Our next meeting

Our next in-person XR Stroud meeting is pencilled in for Wednesday 8 September. Venue TBC (as it’s going to get colder). We’ll post information on our next meeting in this newsletter and on the website.

Call out for Landing Crew in Weston-super-Mare Tuesday 7th September 11am

Come and join a Landing Crew action as part of a day of action around the public inquiry considering Bristol airport’s appeal against refusal of their expansion plans, as evidence is presented inside the building about carbon emissions and climate effects. Climate scientist Kevin Anderson will be giving evidence, amongst others.

Landing Crew is a silent and slow action, drawing on Chi Gung grounding energy, spelling out words like ‘Extinction’ and ‘Rebellion’ in a made-up version of semaphore, and creating a visual spectacle. Here’s a brilliant video of what that looks like.

Boiler suits, hi-viz and paddle bats provided. Ideally you need to your own dark baseball hat, ear defenders, dark glasses and mask, but we may be able to provide some of that stuff. We’ll do a training session before taking to the streets, and there are videos to learn the semaphore in advance – but you can copy the people in front on the day.
If you’re interested contact Bill (newly moved to Nailsworth from Bristol) or 07932 623672.

Speak at Bristol airport public inquiry – in person or online

There’s also a call out for more people to speak to the inquiry in September – the more people speaking out against expansion the better!

Email giving a couple of bullet points of what you want to say – individualised contributions are best to avoid repetition. You can speak in person in Weston, or via Teams (like Zoom).

Info for the next rebellion on August 23

12 rebels stand outside the sub rooms holding signs explaining reasons people could die during the climate emergency.

Don’t forget we‘re meeting weekly on Wednesdays at 7pm to get ready for the next rebellion which starts on August 23 in LondonHere’s information on our next meeting.

Your August rebellion guide

If you’re looking for information on how to get involved in the London rebellion you can find all the information you need in this XR Glos rebellion guide.

There are a lot of links in there, so if you do one thing use the Telegram links which will send you information on the plans for London actions and keep you in the loop with what’s going on.

Staying in Stroud during rebellion?

We’re in the early stages of planning some actions for rebels that are not going to London, please let us know if you’d like to be involved, or come along to next weeks meeting if you have any action idea.

There are things to do in and around Stroud such as wellbeing support and crisis talk action planning.

Wellbeing training during next meeting

Rebirthing our resilience, connectivity and efficiency. Tooling up for uprising without getting caught in conflict. Maintaining our own power in body, mind and yes, spirit – keeping things light because the road ahead involves some heavy lifting.

Session to run in parallel with Wednesdays meeting after the intro and check-in, due to time being short before the August rebellion. Includes practical skills to orientate yourself whilst on an action; ‘Buddies’, affinity groups and wellbeing monitoring; before and aftercare; then a Q&A. Mari and Fergus to host.

Your invite to our great XR Glos gathering (CHANGE OF VENUE)

Gloucestershire gathering Noon unto; 8pm Trinity rooms, Stroud GL5 2HX

Here’s a message from our friends at XR Gloucestershire, regarding a great gathering of local rebels that they’re planning:

A great gathering for XR Glos, Stroud & other local groups

Join us as part of a Movement of Movements for a single, beautiful day of workshops and regenerative culture .

A chance for Potential Rebels, Resting Rebels & Active Rebels to learn and share, regen and prepare for what is before us…

We will assemble on Saturday 7 August from across the county starting from Noon at Trinity Rooms in Stroud, one of the birthplaces of Extinction Rebellion to welcome all.

Rough sequence of events is planned to be from noon onwards:

🥳 12:00 Meet and Greet
🍰 then Cake! + Bring and share Lunch*

1pm to 3pm
1) Welcome for Potential Rebels = Heading for Extinction short talk + Introduction to Non-Violent Direct Action + Affinity Groups
2) Sharing Circle(s) for Reflecting Rebels with Sue
3) ArtWorks = Exhibition + XR Art Making

3pm to 3:30pm
🫖 Break and tea

3:30 to 4pm
🗣 Speakers

4pm to 6pm
1) Sharing Circle(s) for Reflecting Rebels with Sue
2) AUGUST REBELLION update & planning + Samba
3) ArtWorks = Exhibition + XR Art Making

6pm to 7pm
🥙 Food*

7pm to 8pm
📣 Speakers + Singing and music
🎙 Ending ceremony
💃Parting & Party

Please come along & bring your buddies!

Printable flyers are here or share the Facebook event.

All food offered will be Vegan / gluten-free. Other dietary needs please contact us or feel free to bring your own – Donations of food, time, talents, money all gratefully received

To find out more or offer your support, contact Email:

* All within Covid Regulations and sensible precautions given the age range and other factors of attendees. Please ensure you have done a recent covid test and feel free to wear a mask. We will need to take contact details for a register in case of needing to alert you.

Please RSVP below

Register at – helps us plan & not waste food!

Next meeting & your rebel calendar

XR Stroud general meeting bake of the week flapjacks - at Stratford Park Wednesday 14 July at 6:30pm

You’re most welcome to join us at our next meeting in the park on Wednesday. Social starts at 6:30pm with meeting at 7pm. Here’s how to find us.

There are lots of interesting actions coming up, so here are some dates for your diary:

Rebel calendar 

💚 Next XR Stroud meeting – 14 July, 7pm Stratford Park
🛩 Bristol airport appeal action – 20 to 22 July (more info below)
🚶‍♀️Pilgrimage from Wye – 23 July (more info below)
⚰️ Die-in in Stroud – 7 August (Saturday morning, more info below)
🎊 Rebels in Gloucestershire social – 7 August (6:30pm, venue TBC)
✊ National rebellion – starts 23 August for two weeks in London

Upcoming Stroud action – die in at MPs office

We’re looking for more people to help with a die-in action on 7 August. This is planned for the morning outside Siobhan Baillie’s office in Stroud. We are looking for “corpses” to lie outside her office covered in sheets, indicating the people who will die from the climate emergency. We also need people to help with outreach and leafleting passersby as this will be a silent, solemn action. Please also bring climate-related ideas of causes of death as these will be displayed with the “bodies”. There is a die-in planning group which we can invite you to if you’d like to get involved, please get in touch.

Can you help with our social media?

We’re looking for more people to help us with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates. Full training can be provided. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Rebel social gathering for Gloucestershire

Please save the date – 7 August (6:30pm) for a social gathering for all XR groups in Gloucestershire. This will be a shared meal and a social catchup, although we welcome any ideas you have for the group or anything you’d like to talk about while everyone is together.

Can you help with heading for extinction talks?

Kath is looking to get our induction talks up and running again. This is for both the full heading for extinction talk (an intro to climate breakdown, extinction rebellion, and the climate science behind our movement). We’ll also be trialing a new 10-minute version of this talk. Please contact us if you’d be interested in running talks for others, or have previous experience with giving the talks.

Bristol airport appeal – help needed!

Here’s a message from our friends at Bristol Airport Action Network:
Hello dear friends; this is a call for help and some info about what YOU can do… The public planning inquiry about the airport expansion starts in less than two week, on 20 July; this is the single biggest carbon decision in the region and will lead to an extra million tonnes of carbon a year, 10,000 car journeys a day, thousands of extra night flights disturbing residents and a multi-storey car park on greenbelt land-so a pretty big deal. We have fund-raised to engage a leading barrister and world-class experts (including Prof. Kevin Anderson who some of you will have heard of).

The good news is that we are in with an excellent chance of winning (it was turned down at a local level with nearly 9,000 people objecting) but we need ordinary people to HAVE THEIR VOICES HEARD and convince the three inspectors of the strength of local feeling against these plans! 

The way to do this is by registering that you want to make an oral statement at the inquiry. Write to Tell her you want to speak. Summarise what you want to say; it doesn’t have to be technical at all (although it can be if you have technical knowledge about, for example, health impacts or climate change). Be as emotional as you like if that is what you want to say. Tell her whether you want to speak remotely (on Teams) or in person. The likely dates for your slot will be 20 to 22 July. Please visit the Bristol airport action network website for more information.

Walking With the Wye

This is a a month-long pilgrimage along the River Wye to celebrate it and raise awareness of environmental destruction. There will be events and celebrations to bring attention to the state of the Wye. Please contact the walk leaders if there is a section of the walk you would like to join. There is a timetable of the stretches and information on how to get involved on the walking with the Wye website