Join us for Green Drinks at Stroud Brewery

XR Stroud at Green Drinks, Stroud Brewery 11 May from 6:30pm.

Hope you’re as well as you can be. Was lovely to see so many of you in London. Here’s a summary of the event and some ideas for what you can do next​.

XR Stroud meeting next at Green Drinks, Stroud Brewery

Our next meeting will be at the Green Drinks at Stroud Brewery on May 11 from 6:30pm. We’ll be discussing how London went and what we’re planning to do next as a local group. Of course it’ll also be a great excuse to relax, catch up with other rebels.

There will be plenty of other green-minded people from Stroud at the drinks too. It’ll be an opportunity to chat more with many of the other sustainability-focused organisations who joined us in London too.

If you’d like to come along, please sign up for some free tickets here​ to help give the Brewery some ideas of numbers and who would like food.