Next rebellion dates and Just Stop Oil meeting

A pink banner that says this way to save the planet

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone to wrote emails, letters and protested in the lead up to the Lords vote on the policing bill. Here’s information from Liberty on the 14 amendments that were rejected. It’s not over yet, but it was a great victory for a universal group of protestors.

Rebellion starting again on 9 April

The new XR strategy for 2022 has been released, and this confirms that rebellion is starting again in Hyde Park in London on 9 April. So save the date. 

The new strategy focuses on local rebellion and we’ll be planning local actions with the target of getting 3.5% of the population involved in climate action.

We’ll be meeting outside again as soon as it’s a bit warmer. Are you still interested in meeting up in person with us?

Just Stop Oil meeting in Stroud in February

There is a public meeting for Just Stop Oil on Saturday 5 February at 2pm to 4pm at Centre for Science and Art, 13 Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BB.

Poster for just stop oil meeting Saturday 5th February 2pm to 4pm 13  Lansdown Stroud GL5 41BB

Can you help with leafleting?

Just Stop Oil are asking for volunteers for deliver leaflets door to door in Stroud in the week before 5th February. Just Stop Oil is willing to pay £80 for 1,000 leaflets delivered.

No new roads rebellion

There is a banner drop happening across the country this Saturday. Although we may not have a local banner, it would be good if you could share information about the roads rebellion this weekend on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Here are their demands:

Tell the truth about the impacts of new road building and car manufacturing

Act Now to halt the new road building programme and invest instead in a green, integrated public and active transport system, in all areas

Enact regional Citizen’s Assemblies on transport.

Your right to protest is under attack; fight back

Kill the bill, stand up for your rights national day of action Sat 15 Jan Bristol meet 1pm College Green.

Are you aware that this is a crucial week for protest rights? The government are sneaking in changes to law using the policing bill that will culminate on Monday at the House of Lords.

Firstly, here’s a guide from Liberty about what the changes mean, and how draconian they are.

Digital actions

Here is a summary of the digital actions that you can complete from home right now.

Actions in Stroud and Bristol

📣 Friday 14 January in Stroud – The Green Party are inviting everyone to join them at a protest outside Siobhan Baillie’s office at 12:30pm.

✊ Saturday 15 January – There is a day of action at College Green in Bristol (meet at 1pm). Talks at 2pm, March at 3pm and 4pm for a peace vigil. Full info in the image above.

Please share all of this information!

Local workshop for young people –  unrelated to kill the bill

Finally, an opportunity open for 18 to 30 year olds from Radical Restart starting in February. The workshop aims are;

  • Sharing our lived experiences of embedding lands and legacies in social movement building
  • Exploring practical ways of how we can place our social movements within the radical legacies of the lands we inhabit
  • Inviting people into an ongoing learning community which is experimenting with practices and theories together.

Here is how to get involved and book if you’d like to get involved.

Digital Rebellion: Policing Bill Action


📅 WHEN? From NOW until 17th January

💻 Digital Rebellion 💻

🎯 Our Digital Rebellion page has everything you need to phone, write, and tweet the Lords most likely to be swayed. There are email templates, phone scripts, and one-click, pre-made tweets.

↩️ Feedback is incredibly valuable! If you call or send an email, please be sure to leave a comment on the outcome so we can prioritise which Peers to target. Also, please join our Telegram chat to share your insights/get support:

☎️ Lobby the Lords from our convenient platform at

📞 Phone calls especially helpful!

🐦 Global Twitterstorm 🐦

🌍 Country doesn’t matter. Tweets do!


🗓️ 15th January

🙏🏽 Please forward this message to other channels, & thanks for all you do!

💥 Together, we can #StopThePoliceStateBill! 💥