Meeting Notes for 23rd August 2019

Multicoloured clothes drying on a drying rack
Multicoloured clothes drying on a drying rack

Banner-making 30 August, at the Beacon. Children welcome.

Outreach group is starting regular Saturday leafleting around the town and the market, followed by Q&A.  First session Saturday 31 August to meet at 10am at the Beacon to gather for a briefing which will include de-escalation training.

Affinity Group forming will be the main business at next Wednesday meeting, 4 September.

Heading for Extinction talks: 5 September, Stroud Brewery, 7.30pm.

Rising Tide, South-West Rebel Fest, 6-8 September, starting 6pm Friday, Tapeley Park, Devon EX39 4NT. Ticket details on facebook

Paint the Streets will be taking place from 14 September, leading up to the Earth Strike. More details on Facebook.

Printing workshop every Thursday at the Beacon, 7-9pm.

All day preparation for Rebellion on Sunday 22 September at the Lansdown Hall. Anyone willing to join a core team to organise, please contact us.

Website is now up, please visit and start clicking to lift up search engines!

An illustration of a skeleton showing into a extinction rebellion megaphone.

Auction for XR Party gathering some wonderful offers. If you have any offers you could add, please contact us.

Wellbeing and Regen group now has a google group. Please pm Emily on the Facebook group if you want to join.

Gerry reminded everyone again that there is now a Whatsapp group for Stroud arrestee support.  Please contact us to find out more.

Policemen gather on the green in Westminster.

We are launching a crowdfunding appeal specifically to support Stroud arrestees with fines. Watch this space for more info.

Call-out for help at the Beacon with carpentry and painting and decorating. Please contact Marcus or Tracee at the Beacon. NB! The Beacon is entirely run by volunteers and offers space and resources to a wide range of environmental activist groups and causes. XR benefits hugely from this so please pitch in and lend a hand.

XR Stroud now has its very own Instagram page, courtesy of Sam Povey.

Finally – if you haven’t already seen this – the Climate Emergency Fund have promised to match fund Extinction Rebellion if a certain amount of money is raised before the end of August – please see and donate here!

Meeting Notes for 21st August 2019

Three t shirts hang with act now written on them, papers and a blaock stamp in the foreground.


Please use our contact form if you are interested in any of these announcements.

21 August – Sign making organised by Greenpeace at the Beacon 14 Sept 10am-1pm for the Youthstrike/Earthstrike.

Gerry is new Coordinator for legal and is setting up arrestee support group. Can be contacted at

29 Sept – Heading for Extinction Talk at Chalford.

28 Sept – Grief Circle run by Mari Winkleman & Peter Gill at the Stroud Community Agriculture roundhouse.

Glos Recycling Centre at Horsley takes electronics and devices to reuse/recycle. The Stroud Valleys eco shop also takes laptops and mobile devices for recycling.

There was a Glos County XR meeting at the Beacon on Monday 19th attended by Cheltenham, Glos, Nailsworth and Forest of Dean XR members to discuss the way forward for the county and how to work together towards Earthstrike and 7 October Rebellion.

Sun 22 Sept – Midday onwards – There is a Rebellion Training Day at Lansdown Hall including training and affinity group building, ready for the October actions. More info coming soon.

The Red Rebels are part of the Earth Strike on the 20/9/19. We are taking part in an action on the 21/9/19 as part of the XR youth action in Gloucester. They need a livestreamer and support person. Please contact Rebecca in the Facebook group if you can help.

XR Bristol are planning to produce an XR free paper and are looking for local distributors and coordinators. Contact Senan.

Sat 24 Aug this weekend – Training the Speakers for the Heading for Extinction Talk is now full. There will be further NVDA training coming up.

25 October – Ecocide event at the Sub Rooms £20 Stop Ecocide!

Clothes Swap – organised by Esme at the Beacon. Val will be printing onto clothes and there will be some upcycling of garments ready for the Rebellion.

28 Sept – It’s Judy’s birthday and she has invited all XR at the Scout hut off Parliament St. Pete the Temp is entertaining and the suggestion is to wear something interesting on your head!!!

Sat 31 Aug – There will be leafleting about the Earthstrike on Sat 31st at the Farmers Market. Many hands are needed to bring this to the attention of people and their employers.

21/22 Sept is the Autumn Equinox – Ames is suggesting a get-together on Swifts Hill.

Thurs 5 Sept – Heading for Extinction talk will take place at Stroud Brewery with Jo Robins and Sarah Lunnon at 7pm Small groups. There will be leaflets produced for this to distribute.

Sat 5 October XR fundraising – will include an auction of a variety of pledges, i.e. massage, dinner for 2, therapies, art, wine tour, boat trip etc. However, we are still looking for some special donations. If you know someone with a caravan, boat, cottage etc. who would be willing to offer a trip, weekend stay please get in touch. We need to raise some serious money for the rebellion! Please contact us if you have any donations for prizes.

There is a SW training weekend in Barstaple, Devon on FB before the Rebellion.

XR Stroud meeting with people sat in a circle in the convent room.

Meeting Notes for 14th August 2019

We’ll try to put a summary on here each week (where possible) for members who are unable to attend.

Here are the summary of announcements and topics discussed as yesterdays meeting:


XR legal – legal is stepping up work in order to fill the gap for arrestee support. A chat group has been setup for those who need it, please contact us if you require this service.

Extra wellbeing work – new sub groups are being setup mental health support within XR Stroud, to assist people in distress due to climate breakdown, or any mental health crises in general.

Clothes sale fundraiser for XR Stroud – 30 August during the day on Fri set up after 4pm open 5/6pm, £3 entry. Ready steady swap! Set up gazebos outside. 

Print workshop – every Thursday evening 7 to 9pm at Val’s printing shed.

Stop Ecocide – there will be a protector town event outside sub rooms on the 7th September. Event time TBC.

XR Youth – There is a new actions lead for this group. XR Youth will continue to meet on Tuesdays 7 to 9pm at the Beacon (old art shop in Stroud).

Earthstrike – 20th September – call for adults to assist the Youth strike in Stroud. More information available on Facebook page or on newsletter. Help is needed with organising, printing leaflets.

Red Rebel Brigade – the original global group is going a fundraiser to help setup similar groups internationally.

Sharing circles – for coping with climate breakdown or other issues that are distressing. Monday at 2pm or Friday 10am at the Beacon.

The beacon – group is working on improving the XR Stroud presence in the new shop. Additionally they are working towards having a weekly presence at the shop. They’re aiming to setup sessions there every Saturday at 1pm. More volunteers are needed to help with this and handing out leaflets to people in town. There is also an outdoor space at the beacon that can be used for growing plants. Plant donations are welcome.

XR Stroud party – 5th October 12 to 11pm at Stroud Brewery. Fundraising event for XR Stroud. Lots of help needed to organise. Bands needed.

Local XR groups – there is a meeting coming up about how all of our different (South West) groups can work together more – date TBC.

If you can help with any of these requests for help, please get in touch using our contact form.

Issues raised at meeting

Some people still not on XR Stroud newsletter despite giving out their email multiple times.

People’s assembly

We also had an explanation of how peoples assemblies worked, and the differences between them and a citizen’s assembly (which is much more formal requiring participant training, moderated recruitment and a formal structure.

We used the people assembly time in three groups to discuss the London rebellion and the April rebellion and what worked well and what we learnt from the experience of both. This information will be used to help XR Stroud plan their actions for the October rebellion. Each group wrote down three main target areas for improvement, and these were documented and will be discussed further in a future meeting.

Upcoming training

There was also a request for training to prepare for upcoming actions, particularly as we have new members, this will be arranged shortly. There was a bit of discussion about how we could do smaller training sessions as part of meetings as there is sometimes not great turn out to training events.