Meeting notes for 20th November

A packed view of the Sub rooms full of people with a yellow change is now banner.
The Stroud climate hustings proved very popular.

This week was a working group meeting. This meant that our overall meeting time was shorter and without many announcements so we could spend most of our time in working groups that we were interested in.

There were groups for deep adaption, wellbeing, communications, inclusivity and direct actions.

Deep adaption is a new working group for Stroud XR focusing on how we as a group could step up to help our community with the immediate after effects of a climate emergency (such as the floods in 2007) or other such activity.

The inclusion group is also new, and facilitated by Anna (an independent observer of our meeting). The inclusion group focuses on how we can encourage more people from any sort of background to our meetings and actions (including those from marginalised groups). So that we are aware of people’s various needs and the actions and language we need to use in order to bring more people to XR.

Inclusion will hold another meeting next week where they will outline the issues that exist within our group and the work that will be involved in researching the people who might want to join us.

Meeting format

We also discussed how the meeting format may change in the coming weeks. Future meetings will alternative between socials and training sessions (one week) and working groups and strategy the following week.

Next weeks meeting will also be a working group and strategy session.

There has been some discussion about reducing the number of meetings we have, but almost everyone seemed to prefer having a weekly meeting.


5th December – Landwise ‘Food vision for the future’ – come and find out what we’ve been doing, and help build a vision for how the district might feed us all.

Tree Planting (Stroud Valleys Project) – Environmental charity Stroud Valleys Project (SVP) is launching a new tree planting project this winter called ‘Wild About Trees’. SVP wants to raise £10,000 from local people to plant 1,000 trees around the district. There are several ways to get involved. People can donate £10 towards planting a tree, individuals or a group can sign up to take part in planting by contacting SVP and will be kept informed of opportunities by email. If you want to find out more, contact:

Following on from the packed Stroud Climate Hustings on 19th Cheltenham XR are planning a climate hustings. Details to follow.
If you haven’t already seen it XR have produced an Election Rebellion Kitlist there’s a link to it on the XR UK Newletter here: check it out.