Meeting notes for 4th December


Jeannie has an upcoming Solstice party on 22nd December at Scout hut. Energy and ideas welcome. Please contact us if you are able to help.

We had a successful evening at Goodwill Evening in Stroud yesterday. There was printing, food and goodwill at the Beacon. Please send in some pictures if you have them.

A wooden XR logo decorated with painted flowers.

XR Soup Kitchen & XRmas working groups

There was a discussion around an XR soup kitchen, some people already want to help with this. It would be good to get clarification on whether we are going to be helping other initiatives that are already established in the town or are we going to do this solo as Stroud XR. What do you think about this?

One group also discussed ideas for an alternative Xmas, and another discussed what an XR social meeting could involve.

Possible new meeting formats

An idea that is taking shape (but which remains as yet not fully formed) is that we develop two meeting formats.

Action meetings

One type of meeting could be centred around Working Group Co-ordinators and during which work is imagined, discussed, agreed and planned. The purpose of suggesting this is to reduce time and work commitments for co-ordinators, who presently need to devote two evenings a week. The main output of these meetings will be a list of things to do and names of people who have agreed to do them will be.

Social meetings

Another type of meeting will be more relaxed in format would be centred on the rest of the crew. There is a growing consensus that it might deliver training and discussion. It will have fewer to dos than the Action meeting. It can be a space in which we talk to develop culture, understanding and paths towards adaptation.