Our mission is simple, to achieve an effective state and international scale of mobilisation of government and industries to avert the most damaging effects of climate induced harm to living ecosystems including human systems.

To achieve this aim we find it necessary to change the conventional ways of our exploitative and harmful system that is rooted in exploitative methodologies for financial gain outcomes.

Climate breakdown

Our shared planet has not got the resources left that can absorb the harm and damage from these systems that are mainly purposed for marketing products.

Through bad design, those products in many cases then become part of a massive waste tsunami that poisons land, air and seas. This is unsustainable, and it is a threat to all life on Earth.

What we’ll do

Stroud Extinction Rebellion will organise and selectively act to interrupt attitudes that keep those behaviours as normal and acceptable. As caring members of an open community with no hierarchy we are self nominated to act in which ever ways that each of us feels able to do, but with an agreed code of behaviour that excludes any form of aggression or violence, including aggressive language.

All are welcome here who share these core values!