Save the date – 15 August for outdoor meeting

We are planning an outdoor meeting on August 15 to organise affinity groups and other rebellion planning for the August and early September rebellion.

We’ll kick this off with an XR stall in Stroud on Aug 8 to raise awareness and encourage other non members to come. Additionally, XR Samba Stroud will be playing for some of this stall time between 10am and midday. Please contact us if you are interested in helping run the stall. Or just come along on the day it would be lovely to see you.

Want to know more about the upcoming rebellion?

Then use this link to sign up for XR Southwest updates on Telegram.If you aren’t sure what it is, Telegram is an encrypted messaging app with a bunch of handy features, and is also XR UK’s primary method of communication across the country, within regions, and within local groups too. The link above, provided the app is installed, will automatically take you to the broadcast channel and ask you to join.

For those that don’t have Telegram (don’t worry it’s a free app) and you can get it on your phone and desktop too on: