XR Stroud Samba


XR Stroud Samba is meeting weekly again, and practising in Stroud. We need more drummers to have a large enough local band for upcoming actions. If you’d like to come along just turn up (but bring some earplugs and a face mask).

You can view our upcoming practices here.

XR Stroud Samba practising outside in a circle with masks on.

Beginners are very welcome

All training is provided, and we have plenty of spare instruments for you to pick up and try. Drumming is so much fun, and we need you to help provide the fun heartbeat to our rebellion.

How to find us

We are currently practicing weekly at Open house in Stroud (near Star Anise).

Our location on what three words: hails.shatters.origin
Our location on what three words: hails.shatters.origin

To find out about our next practices and times join either our Facebook group or contact us with your mobile number to be added to our Signal group (you will need to have the Signal app downloaded and ready).

We post information on our practice sessions, upcoming actions and marches in both of these spaces and it’s the easiest way to stay in touch.

How to book us

We’re available for any environmental or social justice action/projects you’d like support with in Gloucestershire. Please contact us us for our availability.