XR Stroud is meeting next week & Street Beats Stroud launches

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It’s almost Spring! And as we start to enjoy those lighter evenings, now is a great time to return from hibernation and plan what we can do to avert the climate emergency.

The Big One – from April 21

Did you know that we’re planning our largest action yet? We’re planning The Big One in London asking for 100,000 rebels to come to parliament from 21 April. 

And we need everyone that can make it. Here’s more information about The Big One and the work that’s going into the lead up to it.

Our next meeting

There’s a group of us planning to go to London from Stroud. Like to come with us? Let us know by coming to our next meeting on Wednesday 15 February at 7pm at The Ale House in Stroud.

We’ll be planning what our Stroud group is going to do, what energy we’ll bring and what we can prepare ahead of events in London.

We’ll be meeting fortnightly at The Ale House every Wednesday at 7pm going forward too.

Can’t make it? Let us know if you’d like to get involved in some way and how we can support you.

Street Beats Stroud is teaching new people how to drum

Street Beats Stroud - part of the XR Rhythms Collective

Learn to play samba each Sunday! No experience necessary!

Street Beats Stroud practice every Sunday at 7pm at OpenHouse (off the Star Anise courtyard). Complete beginners are welcome and instruments are provided.

Everyone is welcome to join us – not just active supporters of XR. Our present band ranges in age from early-teens to mid-sixties, and a little over 50% are female. (Under 18’s need to be accompanied by someone over 18). We practice every Sunday evening in a pretty relaxed atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a way to get involved in rebellion but you’re not sure how this is a great way to get started!

Next meeting date and new drummers needed

Watch uprising portrait of a rebellion video.

Thank you to everyone from Stroud who came along to the rebellion in London (October 14-16). For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s an excellent video that sums up the mood beautifully and briefly features a few of us from Stroud.

Next meeting Wednesday 26 October

As the clocks change this week we’re going back to fortnightly meetings in person in Stroud, now every other Wednesday at the Ale House in Stroud at 7pm.  Here’s how to find us and as ever all our meeting dates are on our website.

Want to try samba drumming? Beginners welcome

XR Stroud Samba beginners are welcome - xrstroud.org/samba

XR Samba Stroud are starting practices again on alternate Fridays and Sunday evenings.

Our next practice is this Friday 28 October at 7pm at Open house in Stroud. You don’t need any prior experience and full training is permission. If you’ve ever wanted to give drumming a go this is a great time to get started. There’s more information on our webpage if you’re interested in taking part.

Keep talking to others about the climate emergency, it’s more important than ever. 💚

Join the bus crew at Wallbridge on Monday

The change is now bus decorated with XR posters

Are you looking for a way to share your views on the climate emergency? It doesn’t look like things are going to improve with this new government, so it’s up to us to remind the people in power what the problems are and what we can do about them.

Change is now

The XR bus tour comes to Stroud next week and will be parked at Wallbridge, Stroud on Monday 26 September from 10am for the whole day.

Stroud is just one of the stops planned on a long route around the nations towns and cities raising awareness of the climate emergency and other issues. The idea is to listen to what people in the street are saying around this, the cost of living crisis and other topics.

It’s an outreach opportunity and it’s a great time to get back in touch with XR if you’ve been meaning to. 

The bus in Bournemouth, parked up with colourful marquee.

Plan for the day

Times and content are subject to change. 

🚌 10am – bus arrives, stalls setup and pink table

🍀 10:45 – outreach around town with leaflets with music

📣 11am – Guests including, Dale Vince, Green Party, Lib Dems & Labour Party 

🥙 1pm – lunch and refreshments

🏫 2:45pm – Youth assembly tour

💃 5pm – evening sessions start at Wallbridge

🎙 5:30pm – peoples assembly

✨ 7:30pm – event finishes

Can you make it?

Please come along support, engage and tell us your thoughts and plans for the future! There will be music, printing, food and stalls. Please also share with anyone you think may be interested.

Do also let us know if you’d like to be involved too, we appreciate any time you can offer.

Part of the bus crew lined up for a photo in front of the bus.

The citizens assembly bus tour is coming to Stroud

The Citizens' assembly bus tour is heading your way to Stroud on Monday 26 September

The UK bus tour is comprised of three buses travelling around the country for a month to engage with communities about the big issues whether local or global.

One bus will be coming to Wallbridge, Stroud on Monday 26 September (exact timings to be confirmed).

Stroud is just one of the stops planned on a long route around the nations towns and cities raising awareness of the climate emergency and other issues. The idea is to listen to what people in the street are saying around this and other topics. This is what democracy looks like.

The bus will be will us for the day, touring around key areas around the town such as the town centre, leisure centre etc.

Please come along support, engage and tell us your thoughts and plans for the future! There will be music, printing, food and stalls. Please also share with anyone you think may be interested.

Do also let us know if you’d like to be involved too, we appreciate any time you can offer.

Here is more information on the national bus tour if you are interested.

Support our local rebels with their court fines

Even 12 months ago, before the cost of living crisis, many were already having to choose between heating and eating and many thousands suffered cold lonely deaths in homes they couldn’t keep warm. The cost of living crisis has made the situation many, many times worse and it is now universally recognised that we need to Insulate Britain!

Five people from Gloucestershire took part in the Insulate Britain campaign even though they knew they would face legal consequences! They are ordinary people who recognised a huge injustice and stepped forward to demand it stop and now face costs that could total over £50,000. Don’t let Steve, Marguerite, Val, Nat and Andrew pay the price on their own, please donate what you can.

Please send them a donation on this crowdfunder link if you are able, many thanks.

XR Stroud next meeting date

We are back meeting weekly – now indoors as it gets colder. You can find us every Wednesday evening at Curio Lounge in Stroud at 7pm. All our meeting times are on our website.

Summer uprising in Bristol this Saturday, Next London rebellion info

A heatmap of Europe during the recent heatwave

Lots to update you on this week. I’ve ordered events in date order.

Join the XR Bristol summer uprising – this Saturday 30 July – including travel info with train strikes

We demand:
⛔️ Stop Airport Expansion
🚎 Fair Fares for Everyone
🚄 Public Ownership of Public Transport

We will meet at Queens Square, Bristol at 10am, to hear speakers and will have a presence there all day. At around 12pm a march will leave Queens Square to walk around Bristol, pausing at key sites for speeches and activities concerning our campaign. The day will end with a range of ‘low spice’ action. We will have a social from 6.00 at The Avon Packet, Coronation Road, BS3 1RF, with free food.  

Any questions, email xr.bristol.welcome@protonmail.com

If you live outside Bristol and need help with the cost of travel, you can claim up to £25 by emailing finance.xrbristol@protonmail.com with your name, bank details, the amount of money you are claiming and a photo of your travel receipt(s). If you need the money up front you can claim the money in advance and send the receipt later.

Train travel & supporting ASLEF with UX Unions

ASLEF will have a picket at Temple Meads station on Saturday. They are glad that we are demanding public ownership of public transport and fair fares, so they welcome our action. They are happy for our march to pass their picket line to hear speakers outside the station, one of whom will be Theo Simon (XR Unions).  

XR Stroud next meeting date

We are meeting fortnightly at the seating area in Stratford Park on Wednesdays at 7pm. Our next meeting is on Wednesday 10 August. Here’s how to find us.

Sheepscombe community climate event – 31 August

There is a Community Climate Event being planned for Wednesday 31 August at the Village Hall, Sheepscombe at 7:30pm. The evening will have a communal meal followed by talks, one of which will be Sarah Lunnon talking on the theme Councillor to Activist. As well as other talks.

This will be a regenerative evening – open to all climate-minded people not necessarily just XR. Everyone is welcome.

Save the date – September rebellion starting 10 September

In September we plan to come together under three powerful, achievable objectives:

1) Make mobilisation fun, rewarding and a focus for everyone in the movement
2) Make Citizens’ Assemblies relevant and inspiring for all
3) Grow XR in numbers and develop our vision for the future.

Done in three phases:

Phase 1:
Pre-Sept 10: actions focusing on Citizens’ Assemblies and demanding a response from the government.

Phase 2:
Sat 10 to the morning of Tues 13: 3 days of a resistance festival in London. Inclusive, radical and visionary – open to all.

🚌 Phase 3: 🚌
The Magical Mystery Tour begins! We launch our bus tour of the country, exchanging energy, ideas, support and building momentum as we invite people to join us in resistance with a clear call to action.

Phase 4: (October)
An invitation to come back together and hopefully to work with other movements to send a loud message to the government – we will not be divided, and together we are building The Opposition.

🚌 Ideas needed from you for our magical mystery bus tour 🚌

As mentioned in phase 3 of the September rebellion above the XR climate bus tour will go around major towns and cities in the UK, and we’d like it to come to Gloucestershire, so we need your ideas for entertainment and activities that we can run from the bus to raise awareness of the climate emergency in Gloucestershire.

One idea we talked about in our most recent meeting was to run a bus event in Cheltenham using a lot of the fun science demos and activities developed for the Science festival to do outreach. Perhaps with a samba band and a critical mass bike ride on tow.

The bus could stay with us for anything from an afternoon to up to two days depending on what we plan.

We need to put a plan together so we can put in a request to get added to the intinary, while there are no dates – yet – send your ideas in.

That’s all for now, see you on the streets. 💚