Join us for tonights regen meeting

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Here’s a message from James:

XR weekly meeting is at The Old Convent again today.

6:30 pm food (which Jane has volunteered to prepare for us) and gathering 7:00 pm start.

Red and Kat will facilitate the meeting which will be in two parts with Senan, reflecting on the huge impact XR has had on the climate debate during its first year, and look at where we are now in building a new structure for impact.

Kat and Red will follow this by drawing strength and inspiration from the Regenerative Action Cycle as we reflect on our own place in the movement and connect with others where they are at

See you there,


Meeting notes 15th january

Thank you to all of you to came to our meeting, we now have some firmer plans for 2020 which is exciting, more on that after the announcements.

A yellow road warning sign that says rebellion ahead.


  • We had an invitation from a chap (John) lives in Stroud wants to do a climate emergency music event with an outreach focus in March. John has organised many of the musical gigs for XR in London. The idea being for there to be a gig in Stroud. Date and venue to be confirmed. Crucially, we are looking to people that are interested in helping with this event. Please contact us if you’re able to help John with this
  • Stroud District Council has a draft plan for consultation. It’s crucial that you provide feedback on what our council should be doing for or local environment.
  • XR Samba Stroud have a group practice on alternating Tuesdays and Fridays. I can confirm that the band is sounding good and is a lot of fun. Please join their Facebook group if you’d like to get involved. Or you can speak to Andy about joining the WhatsApp group. 
  • Contacting our MP – if you wish to engage our new MP with environmental issues, please do so as a private individual rather than on behalf of XR. She has been advised to ignore XR enquiries.
  • There will be a Spring fair organised by Landwise Saturday 25th April. Additionally, there will be events leading up to Earth Day on 22nd April which will mark the declaration of Stroud as an Earth Protector Community. 

Next rebellion

The consultation on the next rebellion date has concluded. We’re waiting on the results on this. More news in our upcoming meetings when we have confirmed dates.

Working groups

Broke out into working groups to discuss the ideas from last weeks meeting. The idea being to agree what we’d like to progress and start up working groups for Stroud. Here are the areas of focus that we agreed:

Fossil fuel divestment (targeting banks, education, arts, pension funds etc)

Transport (inc expansions of roads and airports and car free cities)

Media (tell the truth, highlighting media bias, targetting distribution centres, climate column)

Community Outreach – (inc earthstrike, urban farming, working with other groups)

Strategy Change – Constructive not disruptive (connected to community outreach, positive community engagement}

results from working groups – 8th Jan

It was really great to reconnect after the long break, recovering after October, then the Election and then Christmas. To use a really inappropriate metaphor, I think some or even most of us felt some nervousness about whether the the car would actually start on a wet January evening. But it did! Wonderful food, wonderful crowd and there it was again, that XR family, new faces and familiar ones.

For those who weren’t there, we split into groups to discuss plans for 2020. Here are the beautifully legible sheets – thank you scribes. Here are the results of that:

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Meeting notes for 8th january

Happy new year to all of you. We had a lovely first meeting after the Christmas break, thank you to all of our new and returning rebels. It was lovely to see you.

We started with sharing a word about 2019, and then another word summarising 2020 as a warm up activity, shared throughout our circle.

Here’s how the rest of the meeting went and what we did.

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Happy new year and details of our first meeting of 2020

Happy new year!

A very happy new year to you dear rebel. I hope we can all have a happy and healthy 2020 together. We’ll certainly persevere with whatever the year brings.

Our first 2020 meeting

If you’re feeling despair about the world right now, and you need some recharge, our first XR Stroud meeting will be on Wednesday 8th January at the Old Convent. Here’s how to find us if you’ve not attended before. As always we’ll have a shared meal at 6:30pm for a 7pm start.

The start of a new year offers so many opportunities for what we can achieve together as a group. Please come along and meet us if it’s your first time, or return to us dear rebel (we’d be over the moon to see you again).

A new year offer for XR supporters

Hannya Melrose is offering half price TRE (Trauma Release) sessions for XR supporters on Saturday 1st February 4.30pm to 6pm at Stroud yoga space.