The citizens assembly bus tour is coming to Stroud

The Citizens' assembly bus tour is heading your way to Stroud on Monday 26 September

The UK bus tour is comprised of three buses travelling around the country for a month to engage with communities about the big issues whether local or global.

One bus will be coming to Wallbridge, Stroud on Monday 26 September (exact timings to be confirmed).

Stroud is just one of the stops planned on a long route around the nations towns and cities raising awareness of the climate emergency and other issues. The idea is to listen to what people in the street are saying around this and other topics. This is what democracy looks like.

The bus will be will us for the day, touring around key areas around the town such as the town centre, leisure centre etc.

Please come along support, engage and tell us your thoughts and plans for the future! There will be music, printing, food and stalls. Please also share with anyone you think may be interested.

Do also let us know if you’d like to be involved too, we appreciate any time you can offer.

Here is more information on the national bus tour if you are interested.

Support our local rebels with their court fines

Even 12 months ago, before the cost of living crisis, many were already having to choose between heating and eating and many thousands suffered cold lonely deaths in homes they couldn’t keep warm. The cost of living crisis has made the situation many, many times worse and it is now universally recognised that we need to Insulate Britain!

Five people from Gloucestershire took part in the Insulate Britain campaign even though they knew they would face legal consequences! They are ordinary people who recognised a huge injustice and stepped forward to demand it stop and now face costs that could total over £50,000. Don’t let Steve, Marguerite, Val, Nat and Andrew pay the price on their own, please donate what you can.

Please send them a donation on this crowdfunder link if you are able, many thanks.

XR Stroud next meeting date

We are back meeting weekly – now indoors as it gets colder. You can find us every Wednesday evening at Curio Lounge in Stroud at 7pm. All our meeting times are on our website.