Outdoor meetings, 2000 trees festival and local fundraising event

Banner that says we will not be bystanders

Lots happening locally in the next few weeks. Here’s what’s confirmed so far.

Meeting fortnightly on Wednesdays in Stratford Park

We’ll be meeting in the seating area in Stratford Park every two weeks. Our Wednesday meetings will now be outside. Here’s how to find us if you’ve not attended in a while.  

Meetings will start at 7 pm, hope to see you then. Here’s the list of all our future meetings.

We’ll have a presence at the 2000 trees festival, come join us – 7 to 9 July

We’ve been given 3 slots on the Word stage at 2000 Trees, at around lunchtime on each day. 

We want to make the most of this presence, so we’ll need some help, can you help us with any of the following?

  • Running NVDA training 
  • Someone to run a short example of a citizens assembly
  • Teaching XR hand signals 
  • Reading some poetry
  • Demonstrating a regen exercise

Please reply to this email or get in touch if you have any skills that could help us.

Planning crowdfunding event for cross-section group of rebels

No dates to confirm for this one yet, just letting you know that we’re planning a fun summer fundraising event for rebels from XR, Just Stop Oil and Insulate Britain (as many rebels support more than one group). If you have any ideas for prizes that could be auctioned, or entertainment or music performance ideas, please let us know.

Save the date for the autumn rebellion – September 10

We’re circulating the date for the next London rebellion – September 10 – no more information than that at this stage, but please save the date, particularly if you were unable to join us for the spring rebellion.