Your right to protest is under attack; fight back

Kill the bill, stand up for your rights national day of action Sat 15 Jan Bristol meet 1pm College Green.

Are you aware that this is a crucial week for protest rights? The government are sneaking in changes to law using the policing bill that will culminate on Monday at the House of Lords.

Firstly, here’s a guide from Liberty about what the changes mean, and how draconian they are.

Digital actions

Here is a summary of the digital actions that you can complete from home right now.

Actions in Stroud and Bristol

📣 Friday 14 January in Stroud – The Green Party are inviting everyone to join them at a protest outside Siobhan Baillie’s office at 12:30pm.

✊ Saturday 15 January – There is a day of action at College Green in Bristol (meet at 1pm). Talks at 2pm, March at 3pm and 4pm for a peace vigil. Full info in the image above.

Please share all of this information!

Local workshop for young people –  unrelated to kill the bill

Finally, an opportunity open for 18 to 30 year olds from Radical Restart starting in February. The workshop aims are;

  • Sharing our lived experiences of embedding lands and legacies in social movement building
  • Exploring practical ways of how we can place our social movements within the radical legacies of the lands we inhabit
  • Inviting people into an ongoing learning community which is experimenting with practices and theories together.

Here is how to get involved and book if you’d like to get involved.