Meeting weekly again & G7 rebellion guide

Speeches at the kill the bill protest in Cheltenham yesterday

Weekly meetings are back

It was lovely to see so many rebels at our first in person meeting of 2021. It was nice to catch up with so many of you. If you couldn’t make it not to worry – we’ll be meeting weekly in person on Wednesdays at 7pm. Our next meeting is at the railway arches by Waitrose. Here’s how to find us.

We started with an overview of the recent successes against Shell; a debriefing from our own local rebels on the recent jury trial, and another moment to celebrate with the Netherlands ruling that Shell must reduce their emissions by 45% compared to 2019 levels. Both of these actions show the successes that our movement and others like us can achieve.   

Rebooting XR Stroud 🎊

We’re keen to hear your ideas about what our group should do next. We also need people to step forward as coordinators to help us with organising actions and meetings. There are many roles that you can do, and we’ll be happy with any time you can spare. There is a Stroud XR coordinators meeting tomorrow 31 May at 7pm at the Trinity rooms in Stroud for anyone that would like to help.

Our last meeting went really well and we had great turnout, so now is a great time to come back and meet with us again. Join us next week if you can.

G7 drowning in promises protest in Cornwall – 11 to 13 June 🌊

There will be a big group of us from Stroud going down to Cornwall to protest at the G7 conference. Please contact us or reply if you’d like to come with us. We really recommend that everyone going is part of an affinity group. Let us know your plans and we’ll make sure you have a Stroud-based group to look after you. There are also people with spaces in their cars and vans if you would like to car share for travel.

I’ve prepared a guide for anyone that needs information on what’s happening in Cornwall and when. Including what actions are happening on what days as well as travel and camping information, including where to find out more information using Telegram.

View Cornwall G7 guide

Banner drops and beacons 🔥

Want to help with G7 but can’t travel at the moment? We’re looking for people to help with banner drops in our local area leading up to the G7, and banner making so we can take as many banners as possible for G7 delegates to see. We’re also looking to light local beacons around Stroud to raise awareness. Please contact us or reply to get involved with either campaign.

Upcoming actions – save the date 📅

🚫 The rebellion weekend on June 26 to 27

🚮 Local incinerator action 16 to 17 July with XR Glos (more info TBC)

✊ UK-wide rebellion in London from August 23 (more info TBC)

🚶‍♀️Camino marchers (walking from Spain) will be in Stroud on September 11 – it would be nice to greet them

📣 COP 26 in Glasgow in November.

Other upcoming events 📅

✊ Roger Hallam is coming to Stroud on 17 June (at the Centre for Science & arts) to give his reasons to be cheerful speech

📣 Penny would like us write to our MP Siobhan Baillie as concerned citizens of Stroud (not as XR) to encourage her to support the CEE bill. The call to action is to ask her to make a public declaration of support even if she feels unable to support an early day motion.

🥁Samba are practicing weekly again. New people are very welcome. Full training and instruments are provided. Please visit our samba page on the website to find out more.