Help needed tomorrow and useful rebellion links

Get rebellion ready 28 Aug to 5 Sept

This will likely be my last newsletter before the rebellion starts. I hope you are as well as you can be. I hope you know that anything that you can offer during the rebellion is appreciated, be it being there in person, supporting wellbeing from Stroud, or rebelling remotely, we are sincerely grateful for your time and energy.

Here is the latest info for local and national rebellion in Cardiff.

View Stroud rebellion guide

Banner drop help needed urgently

Our local Rebellion starts tomorrow Friday 28 Aug with Banner Drops on M5 motorway bridges. We need Rebels who can sit with these banners on a couple of quiet roads at Stonehouse to mind the banners during the day (couple of hours shifts, with another rebel.. come in a pair.

Please contact me if you can join in this one. This is part of the National Banner Drop Action to highlight the Rebellion and the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill, which is the focus in this rebellion!

Observing arrests video

The final decision over whether you are arrested is taken not by you but by the police.

It is essential for every rebel engaging in NVDA to learn what to do when witnessing an arrest in order to safeguard the rights and the wellbeing of the person being arrested.

Please take 15 minutes today to watch this video.

(password is ProsecutePolluters)

Key telegram links

I will continue to update the rebellion guide with all the latest information as I get it, but for those of you with Telegram, here are the key links to click on and join.

If any of these telegrams get too much, remember you can mute each channel for a period of time rather than remove them.

Fossil fuel divestment petition

Here is a petition that would be good for you to sign re: Gloucestershire County Council still investing in fossil fuels, please share. And I look forward seeing those of you at tomorrow’s fossil fuel action. Here’s the link to the event if you need it.

Are you a London rebel?

If you are interested in going straight to London next week, please contact me and I’ll try to put you in touch with the right affinity group.

Nurturing practices

Sally has asked me to send you some key dates for all the nurturing circles between Sept 1 and Sept 13, you can see them all here. A nice thing to do if you’re going to be based in Stroud this rebellion.