Rebellion planning & new Red Rebels coordinator needed

Outdoor rebellion planning 15 August Wallbridge Stroud 2pm to 5pm

The rebellion is getting close now, so I thought in this newsletter I could help with some ideas of how to get rebellion ready.

Idea 1: Come to our rebellion planning meeting

Our meeting at Wallbridge tomorrow 15 August will be where we as a Stroud group will plan what we want to do for our local rebellion. We’ll meet at 2pm to 5pm, with lunch and samba band at 1pm.

If you’d like to have your say about what actions we do in and around Stroud and Gloucestershire on 29 to 31 of August, this is the best way to find out the latest info. We’ll discuss actions that are being actively planned, organise into affinity groups (the people we’ll go with to the rebellion with) and decide which city we want to go to for the national rebellion that starts on September 1.

I’ll do my best to summarise key points here and on the website, but the best way to find out exactly what’s happening is to come along.

Idea 2: Read the 2020 rebellion handbook

If you’re unable to make the meeting but need a little help getting up to speed, have a read of this great 2020 rebellion handbook. It gives you information on our aims for this rebellion, protesting safely with Covid-19, checklists, training to have ready, and key links to check out (like links to the Telegraph app that will be used to communicate to rebels in real time).

Stroud Red Rebels group is looking for a new coordinator

Sadly, I have to pass on the news that Rebecca has to step down as Stroud Red Rebels coordinator. So our local Red Rebels group is looking for an existing Red Rebel to step up and take this role.

As a result the group is unable to train new members at this time, but they hope to open this up again in the future. Rebecca is able to provide a handover for anyone that can do this crucial role, so please contact us if you are interested.

However, there will be a small group of self organised Stroud Red Rebels available for the rebellion.

That’s all for now dear rebel, hope to see you tomorrow.