Meeting notes for 13th November

A poster with gratitude written on it with different coloured thank you messages written around it.

Debriefing continued

Last weeks meeting focused on reviewing and debriefing from the October rebellion and sharing within groups what went well about the rebellion, what didn’t go so well and what actions we needed to take forward into future rebellions.

This week we discussed these solutions and in four groups prioritised the three to four main areas of focus. These will be circulated then they are typed up and prepared.

There was also a discussion about how best to continue our meeting format to give working groups and affinity groups enough time

Coordinators are still needed to help organise our Wednesday meetings if we wish for them to continue in their current format.

Next week

From next week will split out into working groups again. There will be new working groups focusing on inclusivity (called XR Together) and another for deep adaptation. These are being created from clear feedback from crew members post rebellion.

Bev raised a proposal to create a community emergency plan (similar to the ones used in this weeks UK floods) so we can organise to help Stroud in an emergency caused by the climate emergency.

Ames also suggested the idea for providing Christmas XR hampers and community food hubs to help in the lead up to Christmas.

Similarly, there are opportunities to help with XRmas (an alternative Christmas)

Please seek out the working group for these in future if you’d like to help with these areas.


There is an XR hunger strike happening, join the South west telegram broadcast for more information.

There is a heading for extinction talk happening in Evesham at the unitarian church there on Thursday 21st at 7pm.

The first XR Stroud Samba band meeting will be at the beacon at 7pm on Tuesday 19th November.

There are still Stroud District climate emergency leaflets at the beacon for pickup if you still wish to help give out leaflets or deliver to your street. Simply sign the book that’s there with where you want to deliver.

XR have provided guidance for the lead up to election time to try and make election time about the state of the climate as the primary issue.

Stroud Labour party have asked if there are any individuals who would like to appear in a video about climate breakdown. Please contact us if interested.

XR hustings for Stroud is happening at the Sub rooms on Tuesday 19th November at 7pm to 9pm . This will feature all candidates as is organised in conjunction with Greenpeace.

More people are needed for arrestee support using PALS (Post Arrest, Liaison Support) where people who have been arrested are paired with a support person over the phone. Training is provided, and it’s a great way to support XR from home. Please contact us if interested.

If you are not on the arrestee list for XR Stroud please get in touch so that XR Stroud legal can help support you.