Gloucestershire rebels need your help, please donate

An illustration of an XR rebel spraying rebel in green.

Our local rebels need assistance with the financial costs of being arrested. They did so while protecting our environment for ourselves and future generations and now they need our help.

Please step up and donate what you can to our local rebels.

Where Will Your Money Go?

Funds raised will support costs incurred by members of Extinction Rebellion in Gloucestershire arrested for engaging in non-violent civil disobedience. Our arrestees are not wealthy people. They are teachers, students, engineers, pensioners, pub-managers, and charity workers; in short, they are ordinary citizens who took extraordinarily action to change our future for the better. As a consequence of their pioneering spirit, many of our local rebels will now have criminal records, potentially disqualifying them from jobs and affecting their futures. Also they could face higher insurance premiums and other financial consequences

Your donation will help our rebels continue the fight for urgent action on climate and ecological collapse.

Please donate here